Thursday, February 24, 2011

Believe - a Faerie named Jack

I just love stuff in bottles, bottles filled with water, with flowers in them.  I love the way the sun comes through the water.  When I was little I used to make terrariums filled with plastic dinosaurs, or I used to filll huge pickle jars with ladybugs and create a ladybug ecosphere.  I guess that's why my boys always have terrariums filled with lizards, crickets, newts, and trapdoor spiders.  It doesn't bug me, I know where they get it from, Me.  With this canvas I wanted to take a "snap shot" of what a little girl would have on her self after an afternoon of gathering items in the woods.  This one particular day she happened upon a fairy.  She places him on the shelf in her room and unloads the jacks she's got in her pocket onto the shelf too.   My childhood wasn't that great, so I guess I'm using my art to heal certain aspects of it.  Hope that wasn't too much information, but I really hope you like this little canvas, I do!

1 comment:

  1. I am so loving this!
    Crazy, I was thinking today... about creating an art piece using a jar.
    Creative minds think alike :]