Thursday, February 24, 2011

Believe - a Faerie named Jack

I just love stuff in bottles, bottles filled with water, with flowers in them.  I love the way the sun comes through the water.  When I was little I used to make terrariums filled with plastic dinosaurs, or I used to filll huge pickle jars with ladybugs and create a ladybug ecosphere.  I guess that's why my boys always have terrariums filled with lizards, crickets, newts, and trapdoor spiders.  It doesn't bug me, I know where they get it from, Me.  With this canvas I wanted to take a "snap shot" of what a little girl would have on her self after an afternoon of gathering items in the woods.  This one particular day she happened upon a fairy.  She places him on the shelf in her room and unloads the jacks she's got in her pocket onto the shelf too.   My childhood wasn't that great, so I guess I'm using my art to heal certain aspects of it.  Hope that wasn't too much information, but I really hope you like this little canvas, I do!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time Grows

Continuing with the hardboard canvas journey.  I just finished this larger hardboard, it's titled Time Grows. I like the still life thing, flowers, vases, eggs, birds, clocks.  Don't know what the Universe has instore for this year, but I'm sure it will be fantastic!  So here goes, Time Grows, hope you like it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birds and Eggs a study

Continuing my Bird & Egg journey.  I just finished these four mini canvas.  I really enjoyed working on these, I used my stash of ledger papers and french novels for the background papers.  Then I sketched, stamped, and drew the images, used golden acrylic paints for the color layering, black pastel for the shadows.  The best thing was I really enjoyed was the "process".  It wasn't about making something someone else likes, or something that will sell.  It's about creating something I like, and I guess if I like it so will others. I think the worst part about creating something is trying to figure out "what will sell?", I hate that.  It puts all this pressure on you, to make the sale, to make the money........ that's not what I'm about.    I want my art to touch people, to speak to their soul and ultimately to heal them somehow.  That's why I do it.  So I hope you like these mini's:  Bird and Egg study

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hope perches in the Soul

I love the way Pam Carriker paints eggs.  My goal with this canvas board was to paint the "eggs" the way Pam does.  I also wanted to see if I could use acrylic paint to gradiate colors that would look like a sunset.  This is the second canvas I've painted and stamped and added vintage ledger books to. The quote is from Emily Dickenson a very profound poet.  I love the way the printed words show through the eggs.  I took the vintage pages from the book of Les Miserables in French, the ledger pages are from 1918 and the other pages are from the 1930's.  My son, Michael, says, Wait! You can't tear up ledger papers from the 1918's and put them in your art, isn't that wrong?"  And I say, "No, all things have a life of their own, and this is the ledger papers' new journey in the world."  And he says, "Oh, .....Mom, can I have that canvas, it's cool."    So there you go,  I hope you like the "rebirth" of old ledger papers too.