Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunrise Vigil

Continuing on with my new art exploration, I wanted to try Canvas, that is stretched canvas.  I had never tried and been intimidated actually, but after a seminar on Golden Acrylics taken at Zinnia in south pasadena (,  guidance from somerset studio magazine and some "birdy" inspiration from a very talented artist and friend, Martin Madzarevic, I was on my way. 
So here's my latest creation with canvas, acrylic paint, ink, embossing, distressed birdies and watch parts! 
I've titled it: Sunrise Vigil.     I hope you like it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Morning Studio - Canvas Hardboard

During winter I take a "break" from artwork styles I usually do and try new techniques, themes and supplies.  I've been wanting to work with canvas for a long time now.  I looked through my Somerset Studio,  Apprentice and Workshop magazines and found an artist style I really, really love.  It's Pam Carriker's article that I found! (Somerset Studio "Aubergine" issue, jan/feb 2010  This article, "The Color Purple" inspired me to use Canvas Hardboard.  I used ephemera, stamps, Golden acrylics, ink, Liquid Pencil, and I even tried my hand at sketching!  I'm excited about these new tools and techniques and very, very inspired.  So here's my very first canvas hardboard creation it's titled "Morning Studio". 
I hope you like it.