Sunday, May 12, 2013

Heaven & Hell a Balancing Act

About a month ago I was taking inventory on all my supplies, i.e. paint, glues, brushes, shadowboxes, papier mache supplies and when I ran across this particular cabinet I thought I'd make a Mary Shrine.  I put the cabinet on my worktable, removed the glass,  and started to remove the center shelf....I couldn't.   I picked up my hammer at least 4 times and aimed for the center shelf, but I kept being stopped by some unseen force. 

So I stopped everything and sat with the Cabinet and said, "What?, what do you want?"  The Cabinet said, "Look I have a shelf, perfectly centered, what does that remind you of?  Upper, Lower, as Above, So Below...What do you see?".   I sat there dumbfounded thinking ok, I'm crazy, the Cabinet is talking....but then I became very present and said, "I see Heaven & Hell, I see the Above and the Below, I see Balance".    The Cabinet responded, "Yes." 

So here she is, "Balance". 

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Latest Paintings

About 6 months ago, I found over 30 large frames at an Estate Sale.  I was interested in maybe 5 frames, but when the owner told me I could take all 30 for $10.00, I couldn't resist.  So here are my first two creations: 


As I continue to create, I've been pulled toward the archetype of The Mother.  More specifically I've been visioning the return of the Feminine.  My overall feeling/understanding is that things are in motion for a paradigm's unstoppable....and inevitable.  The title of this particular painting was much meditated over, and The Return was the only answer I received.  Hope she speaks to you.
Eternal Now
"Now" is the only moment that exists, there is no such thing as future, no such thing as past, only Now.  This is an eternal moment, and it's very sacred.  This painting represents peace, tranquility and presence.