Sunday, May 12, 2013

Heaven & Hell a Balancing Act

About a month ago I was taking inventory on all my supplies, i.e. paint, glues, brushes, shadowboxes, papier mache supplies and when I ran across this particular cabinet I thought I'd make a Mary Shrine.  I put the cabinet on my worktable, removed the glass,  and started to remove the center shelf....I couldn't.   I picked up my hammer at least 4 times and aimed for the center shelf, but I kept being stopped by some unseen force. 

So I stopped everything and sat with the Cabinet and said, "What?, what do you want?"  The Cabinet said, "Look I have a shelf, perfectly centered, what does that remind you of?  Upper, Lower, as Above, So Below...What do you see?".   I sat there dumbfounded thinking ok, I'm crazy, the Cabinet is talking....but then I became very present and said, "I see Heaven & Hell, I see the Above and the Below, I see Balance".    The Cabinet responded, "Yes." 

So here she is, "Balance". 

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