Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yard Sailing

I go "Yard Sailing" every saturday, I've been going yard sailing for about 20 years now. I've learned alot through all those early saturday mornings.  Here's a few things I've found out:

1.  If you find something you want to think about or maybe like a little, pick it up and carry it around with you, if you decide you don't want it after all, you can always put it down.  It's the worst when you see someone pick it up and take it after you decide you did want it.  (rats!)

2.  The best yard sales are the ones with alot of different textures.  What do I mean?  Tables with Glass items, paper stuffs, plastics, etc.  If as you pass by and see a lot of different "colors" and   "textures" that's a good sign.  Also it's better if things are up on Tables and not on the floor.

3.  Signs - This may sound strange, but if the signs are pretty and well painted it's also a good "sign"  the yard sale will be interesting and good.  (torn pieces of cardboard with barley readable words usually portend a not-so-good sale)

4.  I always say, "Good Morning" to my yard sale host, they smile, I smile and it breaks the "stranger in my yard" tension. 

5.  When possible I say "thank you" when I leave too, even if I didn't buy anything.  Thank you for what?  Well, for getting up early, for dragging all your stuff out into the front yard at 5am, and for  going to the bank the day before and getting change for everyone.  I know I appreciate that alot!

6.  If you find something you're interested in,  I always ask the husband first, guys usually give you a better price, I don't know why.  (And no I do not Flirt with the husbands, I don't have it in me, I always feel like I'm a train wreck, so I'm not the flirty giggly kind of person)

7. Know where the bathrooms are in the neighborhood!  I know this isn't an issue for everyone, but  it is for me!  McDonalds are always nice and clean, so are Albertsons Supermarkets, you can go  to Targets and Wallmarts too.  (no gas stations though)

8  This tip is just a personal "dislike" of my own, but if I come up to a yard sale and it's just a giant    pile of clothes in the front yard, (no tables, no other textures, i.e. glass, paper, plastics) I don't stop.  I"m sorry, but the pile of clothes just reminds me of when I do the laundry, so I call these kind of sales Hamper Sales (sorry, but that's the truth and it's the first time I've ever told anyone)

So, happy "Yard Sailing" may you always find what inspires you and may you always have exact change!!

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