Thursday, April 12, 2012

In Wonderland - Female Surrealists

My family and I went to LACMA this week and saw the wonderful "In Wonderland" art show.  All the artists works were by Female Surrealists of the 1930's through the 1960's.  I went primarily to see Frida's paintings in person.  I found such beautiful and profound paintings by women I had never heard of.  I quite literally fell in love with Remedios Varo's work.  Here are a few pics of my favorites.  I'm very inspired now and hopefully will follow my unconscious into creating surreal artwork as the next step in my artful journey.

Bridget Tichenor: "Lideres" 1967 (Leaders)

Remedios Varo: "Creacion de las Aves" 1958 (Creation of the Birds)

Dorr Bothwell: Hollywood Success 1940

Remedios Varo: "Mujer saliendo de psicoanalista" 1960 (woman departing psychoanalists office)

Kati Horna: "Historia de una muneca" 1960 (history of a doll)

Remedios Varo: "Papilla estelar" 1958 (stellar pablum)

Alice Rahon: Balada para Frida Kahlo (Balad for Frida Kahlo

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