Monday, April 25, 2011

Alice in Wonderland mixed media paper mache birdies

I stumbled into Michael's the other day and found these sweet little paper mache birds.  Then all of a sudden, "POW" inspiration hit me right between the eyes!  I've been creating with vintage papers and acylic paints lately and I thought why not add Alice in Wonderland scenes and text (in french)  to the backs, wings and sides of these sweet birds and paint them in a kind of robin's egg blue hues and rainbow hues.  So here is my studio, filled with pecking birds awaiting their turn and being painted!  When I'm done I will put a few of these in my etsy store.  I really like them though, so maybe I'll keep most of them around.


  1. Those are great! Don't you love inspiration when it strikes like that? Send from the Universe?.....very possible! Love the Alice theme also. Glad I found your blog!!! Where have I been?

  2. What a clever project! Great looking birds :]