Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guadalupe The Virgin

I made this 3-paneled shrine of Guadalupe this week.  Guadalupe happens to be my middle name, not that many people know that.  My grandmother was named Guadalupe, and her father also shared that same name.   We weren't religious when I was little, we weren't even supposed to be Mexican, it was weird trying to grow up in that house. I always felt "floaty" like I didn't have a foundation.  (I could feel myself floating out of the top of my head, to bump around against the ceiling.)
Two years ago something happened in my family's life that was very serious and that's when Guadalupe came into my life.  I prayed specifically to the "Mother", the archetypical Mother, the femaleness throughout the universe, and Guadalupe entered the room.  She came in through the hospital room door, and hovered above my sons bed, but she didn't come alone.  Also entering the room was Jesus, but two Jesus's.  Jesus when he was about 33 and Jesus when he was about 8.  They stayed at either side of Guadalupe, it was a Trinity.   They stayed in the room with us the entire time we were there.  They never really left, I still feel them, and when I pray I enter the room where they are, Guadalupe in the center, in her nicho, grown Jesus at her right hand and young Jesus on her left.  
That's why I make the Shrines of Guadalupe and Jesus together, because someone out there needs them, just like I do.

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  1. that turned out really nicely and its in my favorite color....turquoise