Monday, October 25, 2010

Lizard in my Shoe

I have a pair of blue tennis shoes, I wore them when we went to the trail.  I crossed all the creeks by walking straight through and not trying to cross on the wobbly rocks.  When we got home I put them in the backyard to dry.  I could see them on the patio when I washed the dishes from my kitchen window.  I noticed there was a little lizard on them one day.  I saw him the next day, and the next and the next.  Seems he needed a home and moved into my shoes.  Now I can't move the shoes or throw them away or use them, the little lizard has laid claim to them.  It's kinda sad, it reminds me of God.  This lizard doesn't know these are shoes, he thinks he's found a home, a home to stay warm in and dry in, a place to hide from the rain.    I bet he feels safe and lucky.  The little lizard has faith that my shoes will always be there, he doesn't know I exist, if I took the shoes away he wouldn't understand why, it would just be a tragedy in his little life.  So I kinda feel like god, the lizard has faith and I have to protect his home. 

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