Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Invisible Girl

This is the picture I have on my business cards and my facebook account. 
Yep, it's me when I was about 3 yrs old.  People ask, "Oh is that your little girl?"  and I say, "No, I didn't have any girls, so I had to put myself on my card."  Then they usually say, "Oh, that's nice."
The truth is; that little girl in the photo is the one who shows up in my studio and makes the artwork, she's the one who watches Ghost Hunters (on wednesdays on the Syfy channel), eats too many cookies and can't find her shoes.  But she's also the one who practices being invisible, turns pale when she's scared and won't eat anything all day if she's nervous.
I remember when this picture was taken.  I was at my Aunt's house, I was being invisible under the breakfast-bar.  (I found out very early that if you weren't seen or heard, you would be safer.  If you ran around or sang or yelled, it was bad.)  So I was under the breakfast-bar and my cousin Luigi walked past me, (I saw his legs) stopped, backed up, knelt down and looked me in the eye. (I didn't say a word, just waited to see what would happen to me). He smiled, picked me up, stood me on a chair, took my picture and put me back in my hiding spot. I think he took my picture as a way of saying, "I see you and it's okay."
Most people look at my artwork don't "get it" but there are those that are touched by it.  It's just like when I was little, most of the time I'm invisible but once in a while I'm seen.


  1. you look to cute...then and now...its good to eat cookies especially if you are not eating at all on somedays...just like you tell me people are rude...your art is fantastic...i heard you had a good showing up at belles nest...see you tomorrow!

  2. too...i swear i cant type right!