Sunday, July 7, 2013

I have news from the world of Gozer.

Random Crazyness from Absolute Strangers!
Went to an Art Faire recently, which shall remain nameless.
Lady came into my booth, looked at my Skele-Mermaid Sisters and asked
"How did you make this?"  I said, "Oh, um...papier mache fins, um...body with glitter,  painted the shadowbox...  Believe me I was trying to answer her, I wasn't being mean or vague.
Then she demanded, yelling, "NO, HOW DID YOU MAKE THIS!!"
Then I said, "What?" still not angry, I just felt I wasn't understanding what she wanted!
So she turned on her heel and STOMPED OUT!
Weird or what, someone please explain that one to me!

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