Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Calaveras and Altered States

Like so many of the things I make, the artwork enters into my mind as a "picture" of the completed work.  Some people might call these events visions, but I don't.  It's just a picture of what needs to be born into this world. 

As I create these Calavera scenes, I start with wire, tape and scrunched up pages from office catalogues.  (I've told the office supply companies to stop sending these, but they insist, so I tear up their brochures, catalogues, and mailers and make something more helpful, namely art).
Then I add the brown craft paper and Gruda (paste), one layer, two layers, underpainting, top coat paint....etc...etc.

As I work..time slows, slows and stops...it's just me and the new creation ....the new life and I float together as bones are painted, eyes are drawn, teeth are formed,.....my hands keep moving, moving, coaxing the new life further and further into this world.... seconds, minutes, hours pass, it doesn't matter.  We spin together in co-creation, it's peaceful, joyous and magical, there is no pain, no past, no regret, it's truly wonderous.  Then in a glorious moment I see the work change from paint, wire and paper into a Being and then it starts to breathe....then move...then she smiles at me and I know I've just been blessed by the Universe herself.

Calavera scene: Viejo y Viejita. 
These Calaveras said to me, "We are too old to go around naked, we are not young anymore, you must make us clothes,."  So here they are, my first calaveras with clothes.  Oh yea, and the man told me he also needed a macho mustache and a gold tooth!  ( go figure.)

Calavera Card Game:

A Quiet Dinner
The Compadres

La Virgen y La Calavera


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