Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vision Altars

About a month ago I was in a thrift store in Pasadena, my husband was looking through the books and I was walking by some old lamps, when I saw these glass domes.  They looked old and worn, I reached out and picked one up.  Then all of a sudden I "saw" these distressed jeweled altars with Frida, and the Virgen and Buddha.  I said, "I know, I know you must be created, don't worry I'll try my best".  Well, the lady standing next to me must of thought I was crazy, but that's okay, I get that alot.

So here are the first 4 I've finished.  The next two will be a "day of the dead" altar and a "fairy" altar too.
I hope you like them, I enjoyed working with them.

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