Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Eschaton

This little guy was created in a Michael DeMeng workshop at Zinnia in South Pasadena.  I really look forward to when Michael DeMeng teaches in southern califonria.  I enjoy his teaching style, which is well informed, on hands-demonstrations and with a real sense of purpose. 

I've been introduced to Terrence McKenna by my good friend Martin Madzarevic, and this arte piece is named in honor of Mr. McKenna.  I've named him, The Eschaton.  meaning The last thing. "The Eschaton is conceived of as a boundaryless and causeless chaotic attractor that is drawing all space and time deeper into states of novel connection and complexity." 

The Eschaton holds a bell in his left hand, which will signal the "end of all things" and he holds the universe in the right hand with the Earth at the center. 

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